52 Week Money Saving Challenge

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So who wants to start a 52 week money challenge? Do you want to save money?  What you will do is look at the chart below and what you will do is deposit the amount of money that shows on the chart each week.   Say for week one you will deposit $1, Week two you will deposit $2 and so on.   At the end of the year you should have $1,378.00 in your account if you do not miss any weeks!

I am excited to do this and hopefully keep on track!    I just set up a Christmas Club at my Credit Union last week and the money will be going into there.  Starting today I will put $1 into the account.  If you have not set up a Christmas Club at your bank or Credit Union you should open one and start putting money into it and you will have money set aside for Christmas this year!

If you are in w/me in saving money then come over and join Deep South Dixie Couponers Saving Money Group on Facebook.  We can motivate and remind each other to put money into the account.  Be sure to turn off your email notifications so you don’t get bombarded.

Thank you Coupon Savings In The South for this awesome challenge

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  1. Is there anyway you can email me this chart? Thanks! Lee

  2. Ms. Sunshine says:

    I really like this idea and it seems like an easy way to save money, but when it gets past week 40 it would be much more difficult to for me to save. I think that I’m going to do this, but after week 40, I’m going to continue to just put $40/week for weeks 41-52 and I will only be shorting myself $78 and still have $1300 saved.

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