My Wonderful Walmart Experience

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I just want to start this post off by saying usually people have bad experiences, myself included, at Walmart but back in November 2012 and today, 7/11/13, I have had the best experience I could have ever had at Walmart on 2 experiences from 1 employee.   Continue reading to find out why….

Back in November 2012, I had ran into my oldest daughter in Walmart that I had not seen since June 2012 when she left to venture out on her own.  I talked to her of course for a few minutes but I left her crying.  I went through the checkout line very upset and the cashier named Alex noticed that I was upset and asked me if I was ok.  I said yes and he clearly saw I wasn’t.   I started crying in checkout and he told me whatever was bothering me will be ok.  I told him what had happened and that I had missed my daughter and I had just ran into her in Walmart.   He told me that he was so sorry and that she will come around one day and said he would pray for me and her and he was so sincere about it.  We talked while he checked me out and it really meant alot.   He really touched my heart and I had told family members about him.  He was a gift from God to let me know things would be ok.   I have not seen him since.

I walked into Walmart today and I was standing close to the front of Walmart entrance/exit and this guy looks at me and says “You remember me?”  I said “no” questioning who he was and if I missed something.  I was so upset that night that I went through his line I really didn’t pay much attention to what he looked like.    He said “You had came through my line a while back ago and you were upset about your daughter, How are things going?”   I said “WOW!  You actually remember me?”    He said “Yes I do” and came over and gave me a hug.   That felt like the greatest thing ever to have a Walmart employee actually remember who you are 8 months later after he sees different people every day.    My heart felt warm to know that he actually DID care.    He told me “I see you have a smile on your face today”  I said “yes I do and thank you for everything”.

I was waiting on my mom at the front and when she got there he was still there.  I told my mom who he was and she remembered me talking about him back in November.   My mom needing a little motorized cart and there were none up front so I asked him if he had anymore.   He walked all the way over to the other side of the store, got a cart and brought it back to my mom with a smile on his face this whole time.

This employees name is Alex and works at the Semmes, Alabama Walmart.    I am truly blessed to have this amazing Walmart employee working at my local store.    Alex if this ever gets to you, I want to thank you for everything!    It may not mean much to some but to me  it means A LOT!    Again, You are a blessing from God.

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  1. What a touching post. I am sorry your are having family issues with your daughter :(
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